I am honored to be a Bold Warrior sponsored athlete. Bold Warrior is fantastic. I love what the brand stands for, the quality of materials used, and the designs. There is a saying, “when you look good you perform good.” Bold Warrior always makes me look good, and my performance speaks for itself.


Tony Mack

Bold Warrior has an underlining meaning to the name and the people involved. Every person, whether it’s a sponsored athlete or just a regular person that wears the clothing is a true warrior somehow some way. To me, this is what means the most; the company and the people involved are caring, genuine, and passionate people helping others to always stay strong. Bold Warrior has their arms open to the world, because when it comes down to it at the end of the day, everyone is a warrior if they are willing to fight.


Kara Baccus

For me to be named a Bold Warrior athlete is a huge honor. I love that Bold Warrior targets more than just one specific athlete. Its about bravery, courage, dedication and believing in what you love to do. Whether you’re a police officer, firefighter, war vet. Or in some form of Martial Arts – Bold Warrior is about digging from within the core of a human being and pushing yourself passed the limits that anyone would go, And that’s what makes us warriors. There appearel tells it all, Everytime I wear Bold Warrior shorts and a shirt I feel like im telling a story without even speaking. Special thanks to Angelo and the rest of Bold Warrrior staff for backing me as a fighter.


Sean Frado (http://vimeo.com/76770357)

It is a true pleasure to link arms with Bold Warrior going into the 2013-14 bobsled season.  As a professional athlete I understand what it takes to compete at an elite level.  Bold Warrior is an elite company that I am honored to associate my name with.


Johnny Quinn