Angelo Keyes


AK photo 2Angelo Keyes – President/CEO/Founding Partner

Angelo has always had a gift for relating to people because of his giving spirit, outgoing personality, and compassion for others. He has overcome many obstacles and continues to exhibit a passion for life and a strong curiosity that has driven him to embrace a broad range of interests from surfing to bull riding to being an avid reader.  Although he skipped playing team sports as a teenager, he displayed enough athletic ability to be invited to a tryout with the Houston Oilers and still plays semi-pro football today.

“I believe we have unlimited potential for growth in all aspects of life, and I continue to work on that every day.  A big part of that for me, apart from sports, is art and design.  I try to bring both aspects together which is why the ‘bold design’ part of our business is so exciting to me.” 

Angelo is a talented artist and designer, dating back to his days at the Art Institute of Houston.  He later became an award-winning employee, technician, and manager for several Fortune 500 companies. Angelo is a CPR instructor, Krav Maga (Israeli martial arts) enthusiast, and is currently playing semi-pro football.  His passion for design, market trends, sports/fitness training, and apparel makes him a driving force for the company’s innovative direction.

Angelo Keyes – Founding Partner & John Prassas – General Partner