National Level NPC Men’s Physique Competitor

Years Competing: 2

Competition History:

2013 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships : TBD

2013 NPC Dallas Europa Super Show : 3rd place

2013 NPC Phil Heath Classic : 7th place

2012 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships : 7th place

2012 NPC Team Universe

2012 NPC JR USA’s

2012 IFBB Arnold Classic/ Arnold Amateur : 6th place

2011 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships : 6th place

2011 NPC St. Pete Muscle Classic : 1st place

Fitness History/ Background:

I am an Advanced Certified Personal Trainer (A-CPT) through the National Personal Training Institute with a basic nutrition degree. Currently training for Lifetime Fitness in Plano TX. I have been a personal trainer with a passion for fitness, delivering top notch quality and results for 6 years now. I have well over 10 years of weight training experience with 2 years of competitive bodybuilding under my belt.