8 time world champion in XMA, Extreme and Creative Martial Arts. “Training for a new breed of martial artists!”

Elite level Extreme and Creative Martial Arts instruction and coaching with a commitment to the relentless pursuit of excellence.

T Force Elite will also gladly accommodate group settings. I have provided instructional seminars to groups of all sizes ranging from a few to as many as the dojo will hold. This is a great way for your martial arts school to introduce Extreme and Creative Martial Arts to a wider audience and spark student interest.

I will be happy to come to your martial arts school or to your home, or you can come visit me at my dojo here in Texas. T Force Elite is strategically located in close proximity to the DFW International Airport in Dallas, making us easily accessible to all areas of the US and South America.

Basic Info:

Awards 8 Time Extreme (XMA) and Creative Weapons World Champion

Contact Info:

Phone (469) 964-0964

Email trace@tforceelite.com

Website http://www.tforceelite.com/

T Force Elite is on Twitter and Facebook.